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Hello everyone! 

For a while now I placed a numeric code on all my social media accounts where people can contact me if They need help with suicidal ideation, how to get help with domestic violence,  sexual abuse and assault.

I’ve since added HIV  and stds.  And I been on the phone for a large part of my days lately…  And I would like to think I am helping Someone.

People I have helped let me know if I did. But the HIV POS newbies so far have not. 

I have decided that I will go public and I was asked if I was willing to speak to groups.  HELL YES! 

I also plan to petition this state for expanded Medicaid,  the Ryan White Program funded more so patients can get primary and dental care. I also will fight for all people who are sexually active (age matters not)  to be screened for ALL stds. Hiv,  Hep C,  herpes,  all of them.  Too many people have no idea if they have qn STD therefore spreading it further. 

I also want each and every person to have reliable transportation to get to doctors appointments. 

And I also would love for them to have food assistance like EBT plus a class in nutrition.  A healthy diet leads to a healthy body and that would help the immune system.

I plan to become an activist and one more thing,  all patients should be able to have a psychiatrist and intensive therapy. 

Right now there is nothing offered except ADAP.  

I promise raise money and get many involved to make my visions a reality. 

Please share this blog.  I will be getting a donor button or a go fund me and I will donate every cent to the HIV coalition center and the Sickle Cell center, and the local health department. Once I conquer this locally I am going national. 

This is my calling.  I plan to help anyone and everyone.  I need support but I will do this!! 


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